Online Shopping
Saturday, March 28, 2009

With Diong's recommendation, i got to know this website that sells nail stickers...
Cute right?? This is just half of the Animal Collection...
Actually these are all that I've ordered...
There are also rabbit, honey bear and poodle..
The rabbit looked kinda cute.... (why i didnt order leh??)
The honey bear looked kinda retarded...
And, i didnt liked poodle..
Anyways, i bought the monkey and panda ones for myself..
Did not intended to buy the cat ones, but i thought that Samantha might liked it, so i placed order for it too...
But i am having second thoughts about giving it to her...

8:00 AM

-Vaccine Jab-
Friday, March 27, 2009

Had the compulsory staff vaccine jab yesterday..
Dr. Wong and his wife came to our centre to give us the jab...
I went with Cherine, Denise and Lisa...
Even though Mrs Wong was free, we ladies insisted on having Dr. Wong giving us the jab...
(cause it's said to be Mrs Wong's skills is horrid..)

Thankfully, my pain subsided after a while..
But Elise's and Wai Wai's still hurt till today..

It's still fine not to have the jab..
But after the jab, Cherine got flu last night, and I got fever after I went home..

Dunno how the hell does my boyfriend sleeps, but at one point in time, his elbow was pressing against my jab which made me call out in pain..
Full of guilt, he sat up immediately to massage my arm for me.. haha..

Addicted to Pet Society.. my pet pooed 3 times today..
Sent one of the poo to Samantha for her consumption.. =)

See how my pet is being flooded with pressies?? lol~!!

2:36 PM

-New Beginning-

This new blog marks a new beginning...
But, it does not mark a new me..
I'm still as irritable as before.. so try not to get on my nerves..
Will blog soon... I hope..

2:29 PM

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