-Facebook banned-
Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sian de lo.. they banned Facebook in our network..
now I can't Pet Society during work le...
I hate the IT department.. they can play, yet we cant...
WTH lo...

Hopefully it's just an April's Fool joke and that they will return us the access to Facebook tml..
Dream on, kid.

Oh ya, I didnt mentioned that dear bought me to Suki Sushi at Hougang Plaza for buffet dinner right??
We went on saturday night after work..
Then it happened...

The waiter and waiteresses were seated around a table, chatting and playing..
And when I called one of them for order, she saw me, looked at me, then turned away, pretending not to see..
I fumed immediately, and asked dear dear to pass me the feedback form which was behind him..

Dear: You want to write now meh??
Rinna: Why not?? u saw that too, didnt u??
D: You not scared that she spit into our food ar??
R: ...

Fine, i pardoned her crime on the spot, but went home and sent in a feedback to Suki, WITH HER NAME IN IT!!
The reply wasnt exactly satisfying.. No vouchers, no exact actions that will be taken...
But dear and I made a mental note that we will never return to that outlet again..

Most probably that I'm in the customer service line too, that I am so particular with customer service attitude..
Having being a waitress before, and now in this centre..
Guess that's why ba...

Anyways, our uniforms changed..
Heard that they wanted us to start wearing the new uniform today..
But mine is in laundry.. not returned to me yet...
Once it's back, i will return it to laundry again... haha..


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